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I need some advice on the path to choose . I scored perfect score for my A levels . However I am not sociable and am poor in interpersonal skills . Although I am physically fit , I do not perform well in the army because I am slow in performing task and not able to gel well with anyone in my camp . I do not find common topics with them and do not see the need to change myself to mingle . My parents always scold me for being self-centered and not caring for others’ feelings . I tend to make decision based on logic and not willing to do something just to conform to the social norms . It doesn’t matter to me if my actions upset the rest around me as long as I believe it’s the logical way of doing it . With my character , is there any course of studies that might suit me better and which industry should I work in so that my strengths can be amplified and my weakness won’t be as crucial ? Money is not my priority . I do not need a career in a dog eat dog world to make big bucks . I prefer doing something that I enjoy and I can thrive in and contribute my knowledge to the society and mankind . I am academically strong in Math , biology and chemistry .

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