GF subscribed to onlyfans

I just found out that my girlfriend is subscribed to 2 GUY OnlyFans accounts!

I thought only guys will subscribe to OnlyFans so I was shocked when I found out that my girlfriend is subscribed to 2 guy OnlyFans accounts. One is a white guy and the other is an Asian guy. Both are straight porn stars and look like your typical porn star, big muscle, six pack and well hung. Their content is pretty much your typical porn, lots of sex with different girls.

My girlfriend doesn’t know that I know about her OnlyFans subscription as I accidentally stumbled upon them. She doesn’t strike me as someone with a high sex drive and I also never hear her gush over guys with big muscles before. So this discovery really came as a shock to me.

In comparison, I’m quite average looking, average physique and my manhood not as big as those OnlyFans stars. So I feel quite insecure knowing that my girlfriend is paying money to see these 2 guys in action.

For context, I have been together with my girlfriend for over two years. We used to have sex once a week during the honeymoon phase but now that our relationship is more mature, our sex frequency is about once a month. So I think we are quite a typical Singaporean couple.

We are both in our mid twenties so I was planning to marry her within the next few years but after finding out that she subscribes to OnlyFans, I feel hesitant.

Is this a red flag?

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