GF or friendship

Will you consider her as a true friend? During our schooling days, we always hang up together, we did a lot of fun stuffs together like drinking till midnight, singing k and shopping. Basically what youngsters will do. We enjoy each other accompany and we call each other as best friend.
But sometimes I felt that is just one-sided. Usually, when she is down, I will be the one there for her right away without hesitation. For just a call away. She is always the one telling me all her problems and I am always the listener and the one taking care of her. When I needed her accompany, I can feel that she has tried her best to be there. But sometimes she just told me she busy with her bf and stuffs and I felt quite annoyed. She can tell me that she is afraid her bf will get angry if she not with him and what so ever. We quarrel sometimes because I felt that I am just taken for granted. She just took me as an accompany rather than a friend. I am attached too but I am able to juggle the time between bf and friend. I don’t know why she is unable to do that? So she is afraid of her bf who have overpowered her? Or is simply I am not so important like her bf..
Okay to cut it short to years after. We become busy working adults. I still try to find time to catch up with her, now she said she married and busy with kids. However, she kept telling me she do not take me for granted and she appreciate the friendship. To add on, on and off during Covid period is even harder to meet and dine in together. I still try to connect by sending her gifts and stuffs. There’s isn’t anything in return from her. I know sending gifts you don’t have to expect anything in return but sooner you still felt you are unappreciated. I felt that I am like a fool really. Maybe she still holding on to the friendship because she is gaining something from me? She don’t even put in effort in birthday gift too and I still gave her expensive birthday gift and putting in effort.
I know you guys will said nah she is not forcing me to do that. I am just stupid to do all the great things for her. Because deep down.. I really appreciate and like her as a friend and I want to keep her.
But how she is like that, I really don’t know should I continue the friendship or not? People did told me that there’s such people who can be quite insensitive towards other feeling. Maybe I the more sensitive one? Someone please give me some advices please?

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