cant find friends during covid

Hi, I’m trying to make new friends who have the similar interests as me. COVID hit hard and having to stay at home made me feel so lonely and depressed. What made it worse was this made me bottle up my feelings even more and that caused frustration to my closest friends and we have since lost contact because they felt like I do not trust them. However, it is not the case but I just find it hard to open up. And so I felt even more alone. My family does not know about such feelings too as I no longer share with them since they don’t know how to deal with it, and they too are not having an easy time.

Sad things aside, I’ve recently been trying to pick myself back up one step at a time, and food is something that never fails to brighten my mood. I’m a big foodie and I’m all about cafe-hopping. I love trying out different cuisines, new food trends and doing food reviews too! I also love to take aesthetic pictures and hiking out in nature.

If there is anyone who is an introvert like me but also felt the same as me during COVID, let’s be friends!

Author: lovedoctor

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