parents nagging me to find gf

I’m not sure if anyone relates to me but I’m frustrated of people trying to persuade me to date because of my age. I’m turning 25 and my parents keep nagging at me to find a girlfriend despite the fact that I’ve expressed that I’m not looking for one. I am still recovering from the wounds of my past relationship of 2 years (it was my first relationship), but I did not tell my parents about her before our break up because I wanted to introduce her only after I was sure she was the one. Without knowing this, after I turned 20, my parents would tell me the same thing every year as I grow older to be nicer to the girls around me and that it will be harder to find a partner after I graduate.

I get that there is this sense of societal pressure to get married and that they might want their own grandchildren, but is it so wrong that I want to focus on building myself first before finding a partner? I just feel that I am not mature enough and have not gotten over my previous relationship to find a new girlfriend (I know I’m a hopeless romantic, as it has been nearly 5 years but I cannot forget her). I don’t want to hurt someone else and not be able to give my all to that person. My mindset is if it comes, it comes. If it doesn’t I’m fine with staying single, because at least I can take care of my parents when they grow older. It just annoys me when people will try to set me up with other girls intentionally, encourage me to use dating apps on top of the continuous nagging from my parents.

Anyone has advice how to deal with this and how to explain to their parents/people around them? Thanks!

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