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Before anyone judges me too harshly, I just want to put it out there – also for those who are in the workforce and unfamiliar with the university landscape now. University is stressful and for many who have a part-time job to fund our high university fees and are unable to cope with the workload, ghostwriters have been the solution. There are so many ghostwriters on platforms such as Carousell.

I found a highly-rated ghostwriter business that is a Singapore Registered Business. Hired their service for a project and it was satisfactory. Hence, as I was stressed out juggling the workload from many modules, I decided to hire their service once more for my online exams. In the end, the online exams were outsourced and badly done – answers were found on google and not paraphrased at all. I failed the exams and was marked for plagiarism with disciplinary consequences. As much as I am at fault for hiring someone to take my online exam for me, I feel that the business should take responsibility too. I did pay quite a sum for the services.

I am writing to seek your opinions and thoughts on whether I should publish a full review publicly online (with screenshots and details) to prevent other students from potentially falling for the same thing with them. Currently, the business has a perfectly clean record on Carousell. I’m sure the business will never allow me to publish my negative review there so I am thinking of a public online blog post of the sort.

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