Death till us part

Recently, one of my colleague committed suicide, she couldn’t let go of her 10 year relationship with her ex boyfriend. They knew each other since secondary 4 and has been together since then. There were many occasions that they fought and quarreled but somehow patch up after a while. On the day that she committed suicide she called me in the night and told me that she was really sad that after such a long period of relationship, her boyfriend couldn’t trust her and suspect that she is having an affair with another guy. At that moment, I told her that maybe she should move on with her life, and shouldn’t stay in this relationship anymore, since it is giving her so much heartache. She didn’t say anything after that and the next thing I knew is that she committed suicide, I feel really tormented in my heart and I regretted, if I were to show her more support maybe she wouldn’t have left.

Author: lovedoctor

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