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Is it sexist to argue that a man shouldn’t have to pay for everything on a date? I think it’s an old age principle that doesn’t fit anywhere in a progressive society. I personally think chivalry is a concept that low-key marginalizes woman in a power dynamic versus men. Woman should be able to pay and not expect the male to do so. How is this still a thing?

How are woman still being cultured to see men as the dominant provider? Media displays of equality and feminism have progressed so much in the recent decade, I would think girls have grown to expect an even split on the bill; not expect the male to still pay for everything. Girls that do that now seem to come from a place of Machiavellian than sincerity.

On my recent date, when the bill came, I paused to see if she would grab her wallet — nope, nothing. So I paid, being the altruistic man I desire to eventually become. Not a gentleman but an altruistic man. Thoughts?

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