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I need advice please. I am currently in a 1 year relationship with this guy. I had some past burden from my ex which would make it hard for me to find someone who would settle down with me. He came along and accepted me. I don’t have much feelings for him, but I said yes when we got together. But in doing so, he would now share that burden with me.

All these while, i was talking to this guy whom i never knew i had feelings for, mainly because he was in a relationship too. We got close, he confessed his love for me and he subsequently dumped his girlfriend to be with me(just when i started my rs with my bf) . He understood the burden i had to carry and was willing to accept me too. The only difference between him and my bf is, i genuinely loves him, and i see ourselves together. But i feel responsible for ruining my bf’s life.

Please help me. I dont know what to do. My bf who i feel responsible for who i dont love, or the guy whom i love like no others, who gave everything up and was willing to wait for me.

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