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I’m in a 3 years relationship with my bf. I came over to Singapore – NUS to study while my bf stays continue his studies in our country.
I have already made plan to work in Singapore since I am on tuition grant and perhaps for the next 30-40 years, I will be in Singapore. I don’t see a future with him because he said he does not want to move to Singapore because of his friends/ family. He previously promised and now he tells me he does not intend to! I feel like I wasted my time on something that is uncertain. Looking at my friends’ relationship, I feel that whether is a success or failure they went out on date. I envy such interaction and my friends said my relationship is fine because we don’t meet often. They said is important for couple to have face to face interaction to have a better understanding of each other habits. Throughout this 3 years, we only spend less than 1 month of time together due to LDR and covid. I feel that this relationship is not love but a commitment. He is nice to meet but probably not the suitable right one for me. Should I take a gamble and see since he is nice to me?

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