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Wtf happened to dating apps? Is it because I’m older now, or have dating apps really gone to shit?

5 years ago when I was in my early 20s I met many amazing girls on these apps. Perhaps when we’re young, we have little expectations and we just try to meet more people. I dated a couple of girls, and even gotten into a relationship with one.

Now, the girls on dating apps seem so passive aggressive. Look at their profiles. Half of them are like: “Entertain me.” “No fuck boys????????” “I don’t reply to heys” “don’t bother with small talk”
What on earth is going on??? Are people more angst as they get older? Have they put up with so much such that they have to fend off unwanted attention immediately?

I use dating apps to meet new people and hopefully find a partner, but all that’s happening now is me getting depressed. Is this an age thing? My age filter has gone up according to my own age. Is this wrong?

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