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My gf’s abusive and hence I ended our 2.5 year long relationship a month ago.

I really did my best and gave in to all her demands, did everything I could to make her happy, fought for us, yet she continued abusing me. I remained patient and tried to be calm and caring even when she got violent. In the end I broke. I couldn’t take it anymore and ended things.

For the past month, I have been an emotional and physical wreck. I have no energy and don’t feel motivated to do anything.

I also realized before my gf, I had a very active social life. But since I gave this relationship my all, I have almost no friends now. I am really all alone and feel terrible.

I am also now just a shell of myself. When I emotionally and mentally collapsed a month ago leading to my asking for a breakup, I did not realize how serious the problem had actually alraedy become. It is like my body and mind just gave up. I feel like I have nothing left to give anyone, including myself.

In both school and work, I’ve always been a high achiever, think top 1 percent. I am shocked at how far I have fallen in just weeks. In theory I should be happy, I am finally free of my abuser. In reality I seem to have just become an empty shell.

I thought about getting therapy but after doing some reading it didn’t seem very effective or productive to pay someone to listen to me talk about how bad my relationship was. Like how would it change anything?

I downloaded a dating app but after a few hollow chats, decided it isn’t really for me.

What do I do?


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