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Seen quite a few post of evergreen people in their 20s being anxious over whether they will ever find somebody. Just wanted to share my story.

I’ve been single practically my whole life (25 years) and been on multiple failed dates (mostly through apps). None of them ever lasted more than a month. After each failure I always wondered, ‘is there something wrong with me?’ ‘are my standards too high?’ ‘why doesn’t anyone seem to get me?’ ‘why can xxx get attached and I can’t?’ and I would get very disheartened coz I thought all my efforts to find ‘the one’ were useless.

But, looking back I realise, all those ‘failures’ were not for naught. Thanks to all those failed dates, I learned more about the person I am, what I can and cannot tolerate in a person and what I am truly looking for in a partner. (Plus, I have some GREAT ‘weirdest dates ever’ experience.)

Now, I am happily attached to the sweetest, most caring person I’ve ever met. My partner dotes on me and I’ve never had to be more than myself when I’m around them.

TLDR… Put yourself out there and trust the process, the right person may appear when you least expect them to! Jiayou!!

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