I’m a 33 yo lady married to my husband for 3 years and dated for 10 years.

To him, we are having mostly happy, friendly, and supportive relationship.

To me, I am not happy with the dull sexual life, in average once in 2 months. While the relationship seems fine but I feel extremely lonely, rejected, angry, and helpless, especially I have no explanation for why this is going on.

I have talked to him about this multiple times, telling him my feeling and wanting to understand his too. He always just simply brush off with lame excuses e.g. he forgot.

After several attempts of discussions, I have resigned myself to the fact that he has zero interest in me. So, I requested to split up a few times, he always reject. I don’t understand why is he so mean for dragging me down like that. Why can’t we just move on. I am stuck I don’t enjoy my marriage life. If I am to take the chance, I have to try to accept that I will always be unfulfilled, feeling rejected by his lack of affection.

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