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hi admin please don’t filter this.

i’ve recently rejected this guy that i have dated for 3 months as i could not develop feels for him. i genuinely liked him for his personality but i was unable to be attracted to him in a non platonic way. honestly he was an amazing date but some things were just not meant to be. i ended things with him amicably and respectfully through text and a phone call as i genuinely see no future with him and i didn’t want to lead him on and waste his time. although it seems like he took the rejection well, he proceeded to post multiple “essays” on his instastory publicly to guilt trip and spite me indirectly. he posted about how i destroyed his self esteem and insinuated that i shouldn’t have done that and he is suicidal etc. i tried to text him back to apologize via different platforms but he just ghosts me everywhere. honestly, i feel very bad but what should i do?

please help a girl out 🙁

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