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I myself also gay so I understand what you mean, first of all, the man you like is married, it’s already a no no situation, you want to wreck other people’s family for your own sake? Yes it’s true that when we love others, we sometimes are being selfish and there’s no wrong about it, but wrecking other people family is the wrong thing

Secondly, you did mention that he have a son, spare a thought for his son too, child is innocent to the adult world, and also you mentioned that you both kissed, whether he initiate or you initiate the first move to that, you both are already wrong, I would suggest that you should stop all these action, you are playing with a bomb, anytime could blew up..

Lastly, I would say is this man knows himself better than you do, he know that he have his family and yet he chose to do these with you, this could be call as cheating but at the same time it could not, especially the “kiss” part.

I did love some guy for years too, I understand how you feel very much, especially the part where right now you stand, is where the part I’ve did my decision. You gotta make your decision towards your man but please do not wreck his family unless he himself do it, you will know what I mean.

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