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Hi, I’m the one who wrote #98864 . Originally, I have thought of posting it here to find out different perspectives as I am not good with handling human relationships. I never thought of dissing him here or smth, just wanted to see the different POVs. I know he is a nice person. He might be trying to be considerate by avoiding my almost confession-like message as a indirect rejection but to me, being ambiguous and ignoring it hurts me even more. If it’s just ghosting from normal convo, maybe I won’t feel that sad as this is pretty the norm nowadays.

No matter how, a rejection will still hurt someone and I just feel that being straightforward with appropriate words shows that the person’s confession and feelings are being respected.

Anyway, thank yoooou for all the opinions and I really appreciated it. My actions may seem to be demeaning myself but at least I have tried. Only then I will learn from everyone’s advice and improves. As for the guy, I wish him happiness 🙂

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