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Hello everyone… I assumed a lot of the readers here are in a long term relationships or had a long term relationships…

Is it an issue if my partner says I’m being very needy, clingy and I demand his attention too much? My fiancé works too much and I feel like we are not communicating enough. Honestly, I don’t really bother him during work days cause we both have to work but usually after work, I’d like to spend time with him like talk on the phone or go out together but lately he’s been saying that I’m being very demanding with his time (trying to say that he does not have any time for me cause he needs to closed all of his projects) and I feel like this has been putting a strain on our relationship lately.

Am I in the wrong for wanting to spend time with him? I don’t know why he puts his works first before everything else. I’m also working but I try not to do work after working hours cause I’m all about work life balance but he just overdo everything.

I don’t know about him anymore.. this scares me when we’re married is this going to be an issue also? Can anyone advise me what to do 🙁

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