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Need some help here.

I have been with a few women in my life and all of them were relatively attractive. Most of them were pretty good (or bad when needed) in bed too. Otherwise they would work their skills up (or down, depending on our mood and position in bed). Anyways, whatever I had with them ended because we were vastly different in our intellectual/career/ emotional/social direction. But the sex was 9.5/10, clean up is a bi***.

I will be getting married this year – but my fiancée and my sexual chemistry is not there. We are reaching 30 now, and we have sex twice a month. Is sexual libido an age thing at 30? We stay at our own place. Everything else between us is great: ambitions, intellect, emotional range, social circles etc.

I watch a lot of east asian hardcore porn to make up for my drive and it reminds me of the exciting times I used to have. It keeps replaying in my head during sex and I am worried it will continue to create a distance with my fiancée and I. Nope, I didn’t and don’t cheat physically either – although I think this much porn is subjectively cheating.

Do I need to seek help for this? How do I seek help for this?

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