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Hi admin, pls post this as I rlly need advice.

So me and my bf had been together for a 2 years and we are in our mid 20s but we recently spent more time at his house due to the lockdown. So my bf shares his room with his brother and often allows his younger bro to stay in the room with his girlfriend. For me I live in a house of 4 siblings so I do not have my own room too. Anyway I am ok to stay in the common room cos tbh im not very picky and we usually just doing work or watch show. Anyway due to this, I had more contact with his father and honestly he annoys the hell out of me. Sigh

My dad left me since young therefore I admit I do have some PTSD such as the way his dad spoke… it reminded me of my dad. I tried to put all of that aside but he even make snarky remarks and often challenge me over very stupid things like there was once I was talking about my bf about our future dog which we both liked and he just gave us a very sarcastic lecture about this topic in a scolding tone. When my bf and I are having our quiet time he barges in and comments on everything. Ps my bf has a mum but the dad seems free and likes to make unnecessary comments still.

Anyway some background is I have met my last 3ex’s parents and I got along well with them because they were all very easy going and mind their own business.

My final straw came when I left an unfinished project on my bf’s desk, he went to fiddled with it and shifted some things that he felt was better than what I did. What could I have done? So now I ignore him, but I don’t think anyone notices.

My bf knows his father is like that and has got into a lot of arguments with him but doesn’t put his foot down out of respect. I also don’t wish to put him in the middle which is why im stress. it stresses me out because I know he is the nosy kind and I am so scared I cannot shake him off in the future. I am ok if he is respectful but all those remarks is really unnecessary and blood boiling….. futhermore why touch my things…

I just wish to hear some advice from anyone who faced the same situation as me….. i know I need to “suck thumb” now since I live under his roof but please tell me it will be ok in the end )): thankyou & ps I do get along with everyone else in the family.

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