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Hi guys, I need some advice. I have gotten myself into this love scam and that guy cheated me S$xxxx. He blocked me everywhere and had gone MIA. I have already lodged a police report, however, I was advised to sue him in state court as this is a civil matter. Thank God I know where he stays and sent my lawyer letter over, but he did not respond and continue to MIA. He is always not around when I went up to his place and look for him. His parent denied and don’t believe their son will do such things. The parent then made a police report and called me a scammer. Should I hire a debt collector or sue him in the state court? But either way will require additional cost. Sigh, I was so naive back then, I shouldn’t have trusted him easily and his sweet talk. I hope by sharing this, more poeple will be aware of this scammer that even the police cannot do anything to help me seek justice. I will end up spending more money if I hire a debt collector, or teach him a lesson if I want to sue him.

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