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Hi 27F here. I was in a long term relationship for a couple of months before my ex broke up with me. After that, I went on a dating app spree and met over 10x guys. I was initially very fixated with the idea of finding a serious relationship. I dated one guy for a few months even though I knew he wasn’t looking for anything serious. I held on to it as I didn’t have anyone else I fancy and also I thought that time would change his mind. obviously, that didn’t happen and we eventually ended things. After that, I went on to meet many other guys. Out of those guys I’ve met, I was only interested in 1 or 2 but my interest eventually also faded off. Now, I’m starting to wonder if I just have bad luck in my love life or if I’m just not ready for a relationship. On hindsight, I wouldn’t have stuck with the first guy who wasn’t even serious about me if I was looking to settle down. Maybe it was societal pressure that compels me to want to find a serious relationship? Also, it’s very superficial of me but I also feel that many a times I’m lowering my standards when matching with or talking to guys on dating apps simply because the pool of guys on apps is not that great…

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